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Trip Days: 
10 Days

Day 01: Kathmandu to Ghairung (1090m)

Manakamana cable car station at Kurintar is 3 hours drive from Kathmandu where a 10 minutes long cable car leads to the Manakamana Devi temple at the hill top. Manakamana Devi is believed to be the wish fulfilling goddess and every year million of devotees from Nepal and abroad pay visit to this temple. About 500m further uphill is a Siddha Lakhan Thapa (founder of the Manakamana Temple) sacred cave which also offers a magnificent view of manaslu Himalayan range. We descend to Tinmane Bhnajyang and we reach Ghairung. Main attraction of this village is a temple dedicated to Himalaya Devi.

Day 02: Trek to Gorkha Bazaar via Bungkot, Kaule Bhangar (900m)

We trek Bunkot from Ghairung. Bunkot is a historic birth place of Lakhan Thapa, the first martyr of Nepal. Lakhan Thapa was hanged to death for opposing the Rana regime. Majority of the population in the village is from magar community. After that we are heading to Gorkha Bazaar, Most Historical place of Nepal. There has many hotels.

Day 03: Gorkha Excursion

The historical Gorkha place from where king Prithvi Narayan Shah initiated unification of modern Nepal is perched one thousand feet above Gorkha Bazzar. It also offers visitors with fantastic views of green valleys and Himalayan panorama. We visits Goorakhnath cave, Gorkha Museum.  

Day 04: Drive and trek from Gorkha Bazaar to Sirandanda (1900m)

We start our trek drive from Gorkha to Bhachek about 6-7 hours then one hour hike from Bachek we arrive Sirandanda. A Hyolmo village, it is situated at the hill top from where its name has been derived to Sirandanda. Major attractions of Sirandanda are: Nagepokhari, Dudhpokhari, Bhot Dodar,Chima, Dharadi and tea garden. It is also offers a magnificent view of sunrise and a stunning Manaslu range.

Day 05: trek to Barpak Village (1920m)

After a walk of about 1.5 hours towards Northeast is Mather village which is at an elevation of 1790m. Further at a distance of 1.5km lies Ghyachowk, we arrives Barpak after 4.5 hours from Ghyachowk. Barpak, mostly inhabited by ex-armymen, is also known as the village of late Capt. Gurung and Ghale community comprises the major population of this village. There have all the basic amenitie. The unique sloppy shape with clustered stone tile-roofed houses, stone built narrow alleys and panoramic view of Buddha Himal are the major attraction of Barpak. The last year earthquake epicenter was Barpak (25 April 2015). It destroyed all houses and died many peoples. Now all houses are recon- structuring by old model.

Day 06: Trek to Laprak Village (2100m)

While on way to Larpak, one will come across Basukang. Laprak village is located at Laprak VDC is a landslide Vulnerable Zone. A major attraction of this village is wooden roofed houses which bears a uniform look in the entire VDC. It is typical Gurung village, is also a pit stop for the Manaslu trekkers.

Day 07: Trek to Nambai Kharka (2700m)

The Kharka (pasture or cowshed) is arrived after a moderate walk of 4 hours from Laprak. Trekkers need to be self sufficient for food and lodging. During the stay in Nambai Kharka, it is advised that one should stick with vegetarian diet as locals believe that slaughtering of animals will bring ill to the trekkers.

Day 08: Wake up early and hike to Dharche Danda (3220m)

Dharche, the highest point of the Manaslu trekking route, offers a breathtaking 180 degree panoramic viewof more than 20 himalayan peaks. Among Gurung community, Dharche Danda (hii) holds a religious significance. The eight day of our trek ends at Tallo Thotnery, a village enriched with Gurung culture.

Day 09: Trek to Gyampesal via Sita Cave)

The famous cave is reached after walking down 1.8 km from Talo Thotneri. The cave is situated at 1165m. it is surrounded by dense forest, holds a religious significance among hindus and it is one of the major touist attractions. Every year during Ram Nawami which is celebrated on the ninth day of the bright fortnight of the hindu month ofchaitra thousands of hindu devotees gather to pay homage to Lord Ram. It is belived that goddess Sita, wife of Lord Ram spent some time and stayed here. After touring the cave we end the day in Gyampesal, the final destination of the trek, which is few hours walk from for the sita Cave for overnight stay on Camp or home stay. 

Day 10: Drive from Gyampesal to Kathmandu

Bus departs at daily to Gorkha Bazaar which is 2.5 hrs of drive from Ghyampesal. Bus services are regular interval from gorkha to Kathmandu which is 5hrs of drive.


What is Included:

  • 3 star accommodation in Kathmandu 
  • All land transportation
  • TIMS card
  • National park fees
  • Professional trekking guide
  • All meals during the trekking (Breakfast, lunch, Dinner)
  • Tea House accommodation during the trekking
  • Welcome and farewell dinner in Kathmandu



What is excluded:

  • All drinks
  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
  • Laundry
  • Personal expenses
  • Telephone
  • Guests trekking Insurance