Trekking Venue Nepal Pvt.Ltd

Trekking Venue Nepal Pvt.Ltd holding its excellence for the past two decades has been fulfilling its motto to provide the best services to all the dignified guests who choose to explore the heavens and azure waves of water by building the strong walls of trust and care with us. This for us is a family business because guests are our family and bring tranquility to our realm as someone close does. 

With the stance of people who spark their hard work for the flourishing Tourism Sector, our company has been outshining for a long time being one of the leading companies that provides the best rafting and well as travel services. Overly conscious regarding the feelings of customers, we are taught from childhood that “Guests are the avatar of divine soul sent from Paradise”. So for us, the comfort of tourists means everything and we also believe that “One happy customer is a magnet for a hundred more”. 

The things that make us rare from other touring companies are we believe connecting the guests by their full indulgence in customizing their journey by themselves. And another thing is we believe in diversifying the experience field of guests to select from adventurous travel/ activities like rafting to the exploration of something peaceful like day hikes to jungle trails, cultural heritage sightseeing, mountain trekking, etc. Individuals of our packages are truly customized for all ages, groups, families & solo travelers, we offer you complete choice and freedom to unleash your inner happiness.

Stuck in the paradigm of the modern world where there are infinite calls to answer, infinite files to make, infinite judgments to hear, infinite opinion, and infinity of monotonous aspects that bury what we truly love and conceal who we truly are. Our brain works when it is left to have some good freedom which ultimately helps it to reflect our true self. To get away from all these concepts of “good life” takes some time to know your purpose. Grow from diverse experiences you’ll collect. So to support you on your journey of experiencing adventurous leagues, tranquil arenas, and healthy places, our agency Infinity travel and rafting company is there.


Our team of experienced guides and staff will make sure that you have the trip of a lifetime.

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