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Ghalegaun Homestay Trek

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Are you interested in exploring beautiful places, experience the homestay, the less traveling route? Then Ghalegaun Homestay Trek is the best trekking destination in north-central Nepal, at the foot of the Lamjung Himal (6932m). It is one of Nepal ‘s short trekking areas of greatest choice. Homestay’s Ghale Gaun Village is for visitors who wish to experience Nepal’s local life. Ghale Gaun is a pretty settlement at the foot of the Lamjung Himal (6932 m) in north-central Nepal. Mostly Gurung communities live in this village. The famous Gurkha soldiers are known as many the Ghale Gaun members who served the British Army and currently serve it. Ghale Gaun is not only about exploring Nepalese people’s local lives, but also offers stunning views of the mountains including Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Himalchuli, Mahhapuchhare, Annapurna IV, Buddha Himal, etc. Villagers greeted the tourist with warm greetings, wearing their traditional customs. Local food, handicraft, Gurung Museum, Gurung Culture, spectacular mountain views are the Ghale Gaun Village Homestay Tour’s prime attraction. Under the program ‘Ghale Village Homestay’ people get a first-hand experience of village life in Nepal, especially Ghale Gaun, the village of Gurung. Tourists get to live in Nandighar, Pasagaun, and Ghalegaun villages under this scheme. We also get these villagers to observe and engage in their day-to-day activities. Another village near Ghale Gaun is Ghanpokhara, staying home. You ‘re going to reach Ghale Gaun for an hour walking. Trekking to the Annapurna region was historically common. Stormy season streets are not ideal specifically for Ghalegaun. Each season, however, the tourist is encouraged to come across provincial lifestyles.

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  • Day 1 Arrival in Kathmandu

    As you land at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, you will find our representative to welcome you to the airport, you can move to your selected hotel in Kathmandu without any delay. He will provide some necessary information about the trek to Everest’s view in the evening you will meet your guide.
  • Day 2 Sightseeing in Kathmandu and UNESCO world heritage sites.

    You will have an additional day in Kathmandu before moving toward Ghalegaun Homestay trek. According to your wish, you can spend the day. A day will suffice to visit some of Kathmandu 's famous heritage sites, restaurants. You can also shop for some personal trekking equipment like medication, Trekking shorts, Sunscreen.
  • Day 3 Dart to Pokhara and walk to Nandighar village.

    Early in the morning, after breakfast, you 're going to go by bus to Pokhara. It will take nearly 5-6 hours to reach Pokhara, the beautiful city on the lake. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mt. Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu and much more by way of the road. You arrive late in the afternoon. One can also appreciate the region's enchanting Begnas lakes and seven other lakes. It will now be an extreme rise for Nangidhar and Pakhrikot after the easy underlying trek; beautiful Gurung towns lying at a height of around 1900 meters. You can see Serga 's charming cultures and ways of life.
  • Day 4 Trekking to Pasgaun village.

    The next day early in the morning after breakfast, the trek starts with a few hours walk in a row and the trekking circuits travel through the wildernesses, beautiful waterfalls, and the birds' chirping, then after a straightforward slide for another 2 hours for a spot marked Bagaicha, for lunch. Unceasingly trying to get to Pasagaun town after lunch. This town contrasts considerably more neatly with the Nangidhar or Pakhrikot and even the nutrition is great and even the beds were considerably more comfortable.
  • Day 5 Trekking to Ghalegaun village.

    This begins on the longest day of the walk with approximately three hours of descent and another two hours of ascent. You can stop for lunch or even spend the night in Bhujung. Bhujung is a minimal city and a densely populated city that looks very interesting from the very bottom up to the city. It is about 2 hours after Bhujung to Ghalegaun Ghanpokhara. This charming city of Gurung is wonderful, situated on an altitude of about 2016 and 2050. The magnificent mountains from this place can be appreciated; it is breathtaking early in the morning.
  • Day 6 Trekking to Khudi and drive to Kathmandu.

    Downhill is the day's walk. You must always walk down for about four hours before you can stop at Khudi for lunch. In the case of being fortunate enough, you can also see a part of untamed life in this area, which contains a huge possibility for bird viewers. The path passes through the excellent timberland. It can also be a paradise for birdwatchers. You will enjoy the cultural show of Nepal in Kathmandu in the evening. You can rest at your hotel and you can roam nearby places in the evening, visit the Thamel area, which is the perfect place to visit at night.
  • Day 7 Departure from Kathmandu

    Our representative takes you again to the Tribhuvan International Airport before your departure flight. You can visit nearby places or restaurants in your free time if you like.
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Trek Overview:

  • Trek Duration: 6 days
  • Trek Grade: Moderate
  • Highest Altitude: 2016 m
  • Accommodation: homestay
  • Transportation:  Land transportation
  • Group size: 2 to 12 (maximum)
  • Best Season: Monsoon


Trek Highlights:

  • Exploring beautiful places, experience the homestay,
  •  Experience Nepal’s local life of Ghale Gaun
  • Experience the Gurung culture
  • Experience the warm hospitality of Gurung People.
  • Enjoy the countryside experience of Nepal
  • Witness the stunning views of the mountains including Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Himalchuli, Mahhapuchhare, Annapurna IV, Buddha Himal, etc.
  • Explore the Kathmandu valley
  • You will have the opportunity to visit UNESCO world heritage sites and explore Hindu and Buddhist culture
  •  Experience the Local food, handicraft, Gurung Museum, Gurung Culture, spectacular mountain views



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Trekking without any necessary gear can be very harmful and won’t be easy. No one wants to get hurt in a remote and distant area where there’s no proper health care. So to make your trekking safer and as well as trouble-free, we have enlisted some of the necessary gears that you need to acknowledge before heading for trekking is the highlands.


Here are some of the trekking gears which will be there to assist us while climbing any kind of mountain trails weather be steep or narrow. These trekking gears are extremely useful and are handy so make sure you have it in your checking list.


It’s very necessary to wear the outfit according to the situation and place. So here are some of the essential clothing gears required for trekking.


It’s very essential to take your own health and hygiene from the new weather condition. So here are some of the apparatus that might be needed while the trekking period.


To capture moments, to withdraw money, and to trek in a very efficient manner here are some technical gears that should be packed.

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