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Date: Apr 2023

Are you planning a tour in Nepal? Do you want to try out the thrilling adventures and experience the warmth and vibrancy of the rich culture along with the incredible nature, amazing mountains and beautiful diverse people? Great! A surprisingly marvelous country, Nepal is filled with beautiful destinations and offers the lifetime experience for travelers. The marvelous scenic  beauty of Himalayas, ancient cities, spiritual sites, gigantic mountains, travel nirvana, friendliest people, bustling cities and thrilling adventures is what makes Nepal up for a perfect holiday destination. From the beautiful destinations, ancient cities, palpable spirituality and some of the world’s kindest people, there is so much about Nepal that you can’t get enough. Below are some of Nepal’s top tour destinations that you shouldn’t miss while you tour in Nepal.

The most populated and capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu is one of the fascinating town to explore. Also known as “City of Temples”, this unique destination has lot to offer from historic places, cultural insights to the royal palaces, national parks and world’s popular heritage sites that surprises and excites the traveler at every turn. Among the ten UNESCO’s world heritage sites in Nepal, Kathmandu is home to seven of them which totally makes this city unique and different from any other destination. This chaotic, enticing and vibrant city has a lot of attractions and landmarks that are worth seeing.

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