Post Covid-19 Travel in Nepal

Posted by: Trekking Venue Nepal
Date: Apr 2023

Covid-19 has shook us to our very soul, no doubt on that but is it the end of tourism? Are we forever going to cancel travel plans? Is humanity going to abandon the discovery and exploration of nature?

Let’s think about it, like everything else in the past, this shall too pass.

Arun Valley
Arun Valley

In the recorded history of humanity, we’ve faced so many pandemics, this was the 1st time that we were aware enough to take all necessary precaution so that we can save lives, yes we might have lacked somewhere, we could save more lives but there’s no doubt on we did all we could and this shall too pass.

Let’s look into the brighter side, now many of the population is consciously taking care of hygiene, more and more people are conscious about health care and mental health. That’s definitely something that this pandemic taught us.

How many of you’ll deny the fact that this pandemic made you aware about important things in life? How many of us got closer to families? How many of us got a chance to spend more time with people who were always there?

We lost so many lives, the economy has shaken but we’ve also become more aware about our country and so many things, let’s not make it a dark history, let’s not make it the next era of untouchability but Let’s make it the doorway of a new world where everyone of us lives in peace and harmony.

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