A day hike to Shivapuri National Park

A day hike to Shivapuri National Park

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Shuvapuri National Park, lies in the north of Kathmandu approximately 12 kms away from the city center. The name to the national park is given after the Shivapuri peak which lies within the conserved region of the national park and is 2732 meters high. The national park is home to many natural vegetation, flora and fauna. The national is covered with dense green forest of Pine, Oak and Rhododendron. Shivapuri National Park is a heavenly paradise to nature lovers and explorers. The vegetation here consists of 129 different spices of Mushroom, 2122 different floral spices on a higher elevation. The National park is inhabited with protected animals such as Indian leopardJungle catlarge Indian civetGolden jackalHimalayan black bearYellow-throated martenSmall Asian mongooseHimalayan goralBarking deerWild boarRhesus monkeyHanuman langurChinese pangolinIndian crested porcupineHimalayan pikaBlack-naped hareHimalayan squirrelFawn-colored mouseBrown-toothed shrew and Black rat, Clouded leopardleopard catMasked palm civetCrab-eating mongoosePangolin, Rhesus macaque, Intermediate horseshoeGreater horseshoe and Big-eared horseshoe bats, etc. 

Also the National Park is famous for reptile such as  Monocled cobraHimalayan keelbackOlive Oriental slender snakeYellow-bellied worm-eating snakeVariegated mountain lizardOriental garden lizardMany-keeled grass skinkSikkim skinkblack-spined toadlong-legged cricket frog and horned frog. It is recorded that 318 spices of birds are available here including Eurasian eagle-owlSlender-billed scimitar-babblerWhite-gorgeted flycatcherBarred cuckoo-dove and Golden-throated barbet.

The National Park is easily accessible to the valley and is a famous hiking destination among the people of the Valley. The hiking routes to Nagarkot, Langtang National Park, Helambu and Gosaikunda pass through the park. It is also a pilgrimage as devotess in huge groups visit the temples of Baghdwar and Bishnudwar, during the Nepalese New Year to pay their belief and respect to Hinduism. Holy rivers Baghmati and Bishnumati have their origin here.

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  • 08:00hrs: Pickup from hotel and depart to Budhanilkantha.

    The van arrives at the hotel 15 minutes earlier, ready with the essentials for the day's hike and takes the van to depart towards Budhanilkantha, which is 8 kms north of Kathmandu.
  • 09.00hrs: Begin the hike from the entrance of the National Park.

    Five minutes drive from the Budhanilkantha temple reaches you to the entrance of the Shivapuri National park. We’ll begin our hike from here through the dense forests of Oak, pine and Rhododendron. The birds singing and creeping adds to the serenity of the place. We’ll witness many birds and animals on our hike to the top.
  • 12.30hrs: Enjoy the view from the top of Shivapuri peak.

    It takes us approximately 2.5 hours to the top of Shivapuri peak. The trails are well and smooth in condition that adds up to the efficiency of the hike. From the top we could enjoy the spectacular views of the Himalayas towards the North and The valley of Kathmandu from the south edge.
  • 13.30hrs: Lunch break.

    We’ll enjoy our packed lunch at the hill top and take a short nap to restore energy within us, if required in order to start our journey back.
  • 14.30hrs: Walk down to the base via Nagi gumba.

    We’ll begin our journey back towards the base via Nagi gumba, 1650 meters above the sea level. It is a Buddhist monastery and also offers an elevation to enjoy the view of the jungle, hills and the clouds.
  • 15:30 hrs: Enjoy the spectacular views and visit the monasteries at Nagi gumba.

  • 17.00hrs: Drive back to the hotel.

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Tour Highlights

  • A peaceful day in nature. 
  • Bird Watching destination.
  • Spectacular view of the Himalayas towards the north.
  • Panoramic views of the valley from the southern slopes. 
  • A private van.
  • An English speaking experienced guide.
  • Best competitive price.



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Here are some necessary trekking apparatus that can be required for accomplishing your trek effortlessly. They are shortlisted below.


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