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Nepal, rich in its heritages, Himalayas, Culture, etc. is also rich in its art of Cookery, known as the Nepalese cuisine. Being a little part of oriental cuisine, Nepalese cuisine has been influenced more or less with the neighboring Indian and Tibetan cuisine. Yet, Nepalese cuisine has been able to establish itself as a unique and very rich art of cookery despite the influences. Nepal’s regional cuisines have a huge contribution to make national cuisine complete. Being a multi diversified country, the art of cooking varies from regions, to religions, to the castes, and occasions/ festivals. Some of the most famous cuisines contributing to Nepalese cuisine are khas cuisine, Newari cuisine, Himalayan cuisine (Tibet influenced cuisine and Thakali cuisine), Lohorung cuisine, Limbuwan cuisine, and terai cuisine. 

Nepalese cooking is still traditional and authentic, which makes it stand out among the neighbors. The food habits of Nepalese have been very simple and appealing to the palate. This cooking class will enable you to cook and serve Nepalese cuisine to your relatives and friends when you’re back home, as the best souvenir from Nepal. Mostly the ingredients used are freshly available and seasonal produce, while some are fermented to prolong the life of vegetables. The most regular food of Nepalese is Dal- bhat (Lentil’s gravy with spices and boiled rice) accompanied by a mix of seasonal vegetables mostly gravy or stewed, known as Trakari. The condiments are usually fermented or fresh vegetable’s spiced pickles. This is eaten countrywide at least once a day by every Nepalese home. There are other famous food items as well, among which some are Dhido and Gundruk (Dried and fermented mustard plant), sinki (dried and fermented radish chunks), wheat, millet and barley chapattis, etc.

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  • 09.00hrs: Meet up for cooking class.

    The participants gather around the demo kitchen ready and enthusiastic to learn the art of Nepalese cooking.
  • 09.15hrs: Briefing on the Menu, the ingredients, procedure and techniques.

    Nepalese cuisine comprises a lot of food choices and regional cuisines. We have developed an unparalleled menu combining the regional cuisine to develop a more elaborative Nepalese menu. We will prepare a 4 course menu, choila as starter, Aaloo Tama Bodi as soup, Dal Bhat Aaloo Fry accompanied with fermented radish pickle and for dessert Suji ka Halwa. The chef demonstrates the procedure and technique.
  • 09.30hrs: Visit the local market to buy fresh ingredients with the chef.

    As the Nepalese cuisine demands fresh ingredients unlike the western cuisines, we’ll accompany the chef to the local market for vegetables and other seasonal produce. We’ll learn the availability of seasonal ingredients and how they impact the cuisine.
  • 10.30hrs: Cooking class commences.

    After buying the ingredients, learning the recipe, the participants are demonstrated by the chef and are expected to follow his instructions. We’ll finish the preparation, and wait for the chef to help us learn the techniques of cooking different courses under different techniques.
  • 13.00hrs: Taste the food cooked.

    After the cooking is finished, we’ll taste the food and discuss the experience of the day.
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Tour Highlights

  • Brief understanding of Nepalese cuisine. 
  • Demonstration of traditional cooking techniques and selection of spices.
  • A four course menu, designed elaborately to cover regional cuisines too. 
  • An opportunity to understand the diversity of Nepal in various aspects and the impact in the eating habits. 
  • A culinary professional with outstanding exposure presenting the class in English. 
  • Best price, worth the experience. 
  • Visit the market to learn the seasonal produce and ingredients used. 



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