Namobuddha Day Tour

Namobuddha Day Tour

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Namobuddha (also knowan as Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery), a monastery situated 40kms southeast of Kathmandu has its cultural and religious significance. This monastery is situated at the top of beautiful hill (1750 meters high) at the lap of Namobuddha municipality, Kavre district. This destination is popular among domestic and international tourists who would love to explore nature, culture, history and tradition. This tour leads you to two traditional village i.e. Namo Buddha and Panauti. 

Namobuddha is known for its Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery and Dewachen temple, both have their religious and mythical importance. The monastery is a pilgrimage to Buddhists and home to more than 250 monks. This also is a center of Buddhist religion and spiritual study. The hill top of  Namobudddha is enlightened by the sacred hymn of Prince Mahasattva (regarded as the previous life of Lord Buddha). The hill top of Namobuddha offers the picturesque view of sparkling mountains i.e. Ganesh himal, Manaslu himal, Langtang himal, Lirung himal, and the Everest region of the east. 

Panauti, a beautiful newari village in Kavre district has its own historical significance. Before the unification campaign of Greater Nepal by King Prithivi Narayan Shah, Panauti was a part of Malla kingdom, under Bhaktapur. It is said that King Bhupatindra Malla of Bhaktapur, gave the village of Panauti as dowry to his sister as present to her marriage. There are still ruins and ruminants of the historical palace, and artifacts like coins and water taps. The indreshor Mahadev temple, situated at the junction of Rosi and Punyamati river is another attraction to the tourists. This three storied pagoda style temple is the highest and tallest gift to pagoda style of architecture in all Nepal. The village of Panauti has preserved its lifestyle, rituals, beliefs, costumes and traditions.     

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  • 08.00hrs: Pickup from the hotel and drive to Namobuddha.

    The driver picks you up from the hotel and drives to Namobuddha which takes approximately two hours to arrive at the Namobudda monastery.
  • 10.00hrs: Arrive Namobuddha and explore around, monasteries, the natural views.

    The Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery is a pilgrimage to Buddhists and the monastery also provides shelter to over 250 monks and their education. At the hilltop, the sacred hymn of Prince Mahasattva (regarded as the previous life of Lord Buddha) is buried. It is believed that the prince offered himself as he could not stand the pity of the tigress and offered his body to her. Later, his parents, the king and the queen buried his bones here and established the monastery. The hilltop also offers a beautiful scene of the mountains.
  • 12.00hrs: Have lunch in a restaurant at Namobuddha.

    After the sightseeing, we’ll have our lunch at a restaurant at Namobuddha before departing to Panauti.
  • 13.00hrs: Drive to Panauti village and explore the historical palace and Indreshor temple.

    Panauti is a village with traditional newari culture and beliefs. The lifestyle is very simple and reflects the evolution of the newars of the valley. Panauti is famous for its historical palace and Indreshor Mahadev Temple. Today, the palace only exists in ruins, however there are few artifacts of the ancient civilization. We can still see the coins and the ancient water taps. The tallest pagoda style temple of Nepal, Indresgor Mahadev Temple is situated in Panauti at the junction of Rosi and Punyamati river.
  • 15.30hrs: Drive back to Kathmandu.

    After the sightseeing of Panauti village, we will drive back to Kathmandu.
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Tour Highlights

  • The monastery of Namobuddha, Buddhist monks and the myth behind the Monastery.
  • The sparkling views of Mountain ranges.
  • The visit to the village of Panauti and its historical palace.
  • A visit to Indreshor mahadev temple, the tallest pagoda style temple of Nepal. 
  • An informative, professional and friendly guide.
  • A private vehicle both ways.
  • Best experience to the price paid. 



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