One day Bungee Jump Tour.

One day Bungee Jump Tour.

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Nepal is one among the prominent adventure sports destinations in the world because of its mysterious landscapes, Georges and fast pounding rivers. The most famous among all adventurous activities available in Nepal is the Bungee Jumping. It is peaking its popularity as it is relatively quite a new adventure concept introduced in Nepal. Bungee jumping means to jump off a fixed platform at an elevation with bungee cords attached to the ankles which allow the jumper to experience free fall and adventure. The elevation could be a Cliff, Crane, Bridge, High rise tower. It gives one of the best and most memorable experiences to the Jumper. 

The first bungee site in Nepal is located 30 kms away from Kathmandu, near the Nepal- Tibet border over the wild and roaring BhoteKoshi River and it is 160m high. This is regarded as the best Bungee jumping spot in the country. Designed by the top bungee consultant from New Zealand and operated by highly experienced Jumpmasters, the bungee spot meets all international rules, norms and standards and has been considered hazard proof. Bhotekoshi is one of the very fast flowing and Roaring River in Nepal famous for Rafting and Kayaking activities.

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  • 06.00hrs: Pickup from the Hotel and reach the Bungee spot/ the last resort.

    The van departs from your hotel at 06.00 am. Get your breakfast packed, your necessities for the day ready and take the vehicle with your group. It takes us 3 hours to drive to reach the last resort. We’ll stop for our breakfast break on the way. When we reach the last resort, we will rest for some time and then walk towards the resort’s hall.
  • 10.00hrs: Orientation on Bungee jump and safety.

    The special program instructor briefs us about the Bungee. The technical things, the Dos and Don’ts, the safety measures and pre and post adventure activities. After the orientation, we’ll walk towards Bhote Koshi Bridge, the adventure spot.
  • 10.30hrs: Queue and wait for your turn to experience the ultimate thrill.

  • 13.30hrs: Experience the thrill and then walk back to the resort.

    After you experience the thrill of the jump, reunite with the group and walk back to the resort and it is again a 30 minutes’ walk.
  • 14.00hrs: Enjoy your buffet lunch.

    Here at the resort, the adventurers are welcomed with an array of buffet being displayed for lunch. We will have our lunch along with the group and then take our vehicle for the departure from the Last resort.
  • 15.00hrs: Drive back to Kathmandu.

    We’ll drive back to Kathmandu with our group and it will take another 3 hours to reach Kathmandu. We’ll be at Kathmandu by 18.00 pm.
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Tour Highlights

  • Best Price, worth the experience. 
  • Once in a lifetime experience of Bungee in nature. 
  • The thrill of the Fast pounding and roaring Bhotekoshi. 
  • Get guided by the best Jumpmasters. 
  • Round trip vehicle. 
  • An English speaking guide. 



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Here are some necessary trekking apparatus that can be required for accomplishing your trek effortlessly. They are shortlisted below.


Accessories and Technical items

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