One day Meditation Tour in Lumbini

One day Meditation Tour in Lumbini

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Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha is the most sacred pilgrim to the Buddhists all over the world. It has both religious and cultural significance among the Buddhist disciples. With the growth in cross-cultural philosophy and interest, people around the world travel to Lumbini to witness, explore the religious and philosophical aspects of Buddhism. Since, meditation is the ultimate means to have control over the mind and thoughts of a person, people are keen to learn the philosophy and techniques behind meditation. Nowhere in the world could be a better tranquil place than the birthplace of Buddha to practice the art of meditation. 

In Buddhism, the purpose of meditation is to stop the mind rushing about in an aimless stream of thoughts, making the mind still. There are many types of Meditation practices in Buddhism. Some of them are Asubha Bhavana (a meditation to help ourselves to get rid of foul thoughts), Anussati (the meditation allows mental tranquility and joy), Sati/ Smriti (this meditation increases the mindfulness in the person), Satipatthana (the meditation allows to establish the presence of mind), Anapanasati (the meditation allows mindfulness of breathing), Dhyana (allows mindfulness and attainment of insight), Brahmavihara (allows attainment of self liberation), Samatha (allows attainment of serenity and establishes concentration),  Vipassana (a self observing, self exploring technique of meditation that establishes a deep interconnection between mind and body. 

In this one day tour, we’ll visit the sacred Lumbini heritage site, visit the cultural and religious site and then learn the philosophy of Buddhism, the significance of meditation and the techniques of meditating.

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  • 07.00hrs: Pick up from the hotel and drive to the Heritage site.

    The driver will pick you up from the hotel at 07.00 am. Bring your necessities during the day and join the tour.
  • 07.30hrs: Visit to the Mayadevi temple and its surroundings along with international monasteries.

    The major monuments to visit here are famous Mayadevi temple, the Bodhi tree, Mayadevi pond, Ashoka pillar followed by the international monasteries built by the global community to pay their belief and respect towards Buddhism i.e. Royal Thai Buddhist monastery, Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha vihar), Sri Lankan monastery, Cambodian monastery, Myanmar Golden temple, Chinese Buddhist monastery, Korean temple, Lumbini Monastic site, Manang Samaj stupa, Vietnam temple, Great Drigung Lotus stupa, and Thrangu Vajra Vidya Monastery.
  • 10.30hrs: Visit Lumbini Museum, World Peace pagoda and Crane Sanctuary.

    After this, we’ll visit the famous World Peace pagoda followed by the Lumbini museum and Lumbini Crane Sanctuary.
  • 12.00hrs: Lunch at a local restaurant.

    We’ll have our lunch at a local restaurant and prepare ourselves for the meditation classes.
  • 13.00hrs: Practice meditation.

    After lunch, we’ll attend the class on Buddhist philosophy, meditation and its significance in maintaining balance in one’s life. We also will learn about different meditations and their impact on humans and they help one attain mindfulness and insight.
  • 14.30hrs: Practice meditation.

    Now, the time to practice the various techniques learned and experience the impact on your bosy. The major meditation techniques we’ll practice today are Asubha Bhavana, Anussati, Sati/ Smriti, Satipatthana, Anapanasati, Dhyana, Brahmavihara, Samatha and Vipassana.
  • 18.00hrs: Drive back to the hotel.

    As we finish sightseeing and meditation, we’ll drive back to our hotel.
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Tour Highlights

  • A visit to UNESCO Cultural World Heritage site.
  • A religious and cultural pilgrimage site to Buddhists over the world
  • Experience serenity and calmness through meditation. 
  • Improved focus of mind and insight vision. 
  • Learn the techniques of mindfulness.
  • A day in the serenity of Buddhist spirituality
  • Best price guaranteed.
  • An informative and professional guide. 
  • Customize able tour, at least 24 hours ahead. 



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