One Day Meditation Tour

One Day Meditation Tour

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Are you looking for Serenity in the midst of the uproar in the city of Kathmandu and do not intend to walk into nature? Then, meditation could be a choice to achieve rejuvenation and tranquility. The city of Kathmandu offers a perfect atmosphere to begin the day with meditation in the mornings. It is important from the health point of view as well. The doctors, the yogis recommend meditation to achieve and sustain the state of wellness mentally, physically and socially. It is very essential to reduce stress and practice calmness. Mediation is a practice which requires mindfulness, focus, thoughtfulness in order to train the ability to concentrate, pay attention, self awareness, clear mental vision, and to achieve spiritually and emotionally calm and a stable state of mind. 

We have developed a full day meditation package to assist live your day practicing the art of stress management and calmness.

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  • 05.30 hrs: Pickup from the hotel, and arrive at the meditation class spot.

    The driver arrives at the hotel 10 minutes earlier. Pack your essentials for the day and meet him at the hotel’s lobby. He will drive you to the Meditation class spot.
  • 06.00 hrs: Check in, register and enjoy the refreshing welcome beverage.

    Once you’re at the meditation class spot, check in, register yourself and rejuvenate yourself with the refreshing welcome drink.
  • 06.30 hrs: Cleansing session and breathing yoga exercises session.

    After this, we’ll start with the nose cleansing session. The purpose of this session is to ease and benefit more from breathing exercises, as this cleanses the respiratory passage. As we finish with the cleansing exercise, we’ll practice and get involved in some breathing exercises. The motive is to keep the lungs and respiratory system clean and it enables them to supply the blood with more oxygen.
  • 08.00 hrs: Yoga session.

    We will practice some yoga asanas to relax our body, it’s flexibility, stress relief, health and physical fitness.
  • 09.30 hrs: Breakfast break.

  • 10.30 hrs: One hour ayurvedic oil massage and relax.

    As we finish our meal, we will be followed by an ayurvedic oil massage session for increased mental alertness and strengthening blood circulation.
  • 12.30 hrs: Lunch break.

  • 13.30 hrs: Steam bath session.

    After enjoying the second meal of the day, we’ll steam bath to release the toxins from our body and reduce muscle tensions.
  • 14.00 hrs: Yoga workshop.

    Steam bath session is followed by a yoga workshop for the next one hour.
  • 15:00 hrs: Yoga philosophy lesson.

    Once a person practices meditation and yoga, it is essential to understand the philosophy behind to develop it as a habit, an integral part of life and benefit from it.
  • 16.00 hrs: Evening yoga class and meditation.

    After learning the philosophy, we’ll again practice meditation and yoga for the next two hours.
  • 18.00 hrs: Dinner program and then drive back to the hotel.

    At the end of the day, we’ll dine together with the group and instructors sharing the experience of the day.
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Tour Highlights

  • Experience serenity and calmness. 
  • Improved mind focus and vision. 
  • Learn the techniques of mindfulness in just a few hours.
  • A whole day meditation and yoga session. 
  • Rejuvenate yourself with an oil massage session. 
  • A proficient and an experienced instructor. 
  • A tranquil atmosphere. 



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