One day Pokhara sightseeing tour

One day Pokhara sightseeing tour

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Pokhara, the city on the lap of Annapurnas is the most popular destination in Nepal. The mesmerizing beauty, the weather, the sceneries and the landscapes of the city make it a paradise for travelers. The city lies in the Seti Gandaki valley and the elevation here rises from 1000 meters above the sea level to 7500 meters within the distance range of 30 kms. 

Pokhara is 200 kms west of Kathmandu and is considered as the Tourist capital of the nation. The spectacular view of the Fishtail Mountain over the Phewa Lake in the mornings is absolutely breathtaking here in Pokhara. Among the ten highest peaks Annapurna-I, Dhaulagiri and Manaslu are located only within 24 kms to 56 kms range from the city. The temperature ranges from 25-30 degree Celsius during summer and up to -2 degree Celsius during winters. The city receives no Snowfall but Pokhara is the place to receive highest rainfall in Nepal. 

In this one day tour, we’ll visit the most famous and popular destinations of Pokhara. Phewa lake and Barahi temple (the goddess in the island at Phewa lake), David falls (an underground George), Gupteshor Mahadev (the sacred pilgrimage to Hindus where the part of the excreta system had fallen off from Satidevi, wife of Lord Shiva), World Peace Pagoda (to symbolize the world peace, offers magnificent view of the Pokhara valley, mountains and lakes), International Mountain Museum, Tibetan Refugee camp, Old Pokhara bazaar, Mahendra cave, Bat cave, Bindbasini temple, Seti River George, Gorkha memorial museum and Jangchub monastery.

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  • 08:00hrs: Pickup from the hotel and Visit to Phewa Lake and its periphery.

    The driver will pick up from the hotel and drive you to Lakeside. We’ll enjoy the mesmerizing views to the Fishtail reflecting in the surface of the Lake. We’ll enjoy the boat ride to reach the Barahi temple, in an island amid the Lake. We’ll visit the World Peace Pagoda; this provides an Aerial view of the valley along with lakes, mountains and the city of Pokhara. David falls, Gupteshor Mahadev, International Mountain Museum to observe the history of Mountaineering, Tibetan Refugee camp, which was established for the Tibetan refugees after the Chinese takeover and they sell beautiful handmade jewelries, trinkets, carving and carpets that showcases the beauty of Tibetan art.
  • 12.30hrs: Lunch break.

    After the first half tour of Pokhara, we’ll enjoy the Famous Thalali Thali, a regional cuisine of Western Nepal.
  • 13.30hrs: Visit old Pokhara Bazar and its surroundings.

    The old Pokhara is located 5 kms away from the city center which depicts how the town of Pokhara was before the Modernization stroke. After here, we’ll visit the famous Mahendra cave, Bat cave, Bindbasini temple, Seti River George, Gorkha memorial museum, which was established to mark the service of Gorkha soldiers in the British army and Jangchub monastery.
  • 17.00hrs: Drive back to the hotel.

    After we finish our day tour, we’ll drive back to the hotel.
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Tour Highlights

  •  The stunning view of fishtail mountain with its reflection on the Phewa Lake. 
  • The amusing Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Manaslu peaks overlook the valley from the north. 
  • The visit to cultural and religious sites. 
  • The view of the valley, lakes and mountains from elevations. 
  • An opportunity to observe the history of mountaineering. 
  • Exploring the natural caves. 
  • Best value for price paid. 
  • An informative and friendly guide.



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