Pharping and Dakshinkali Day Tour

Pharping and Dakshinkali Day Tour

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Pharping, a newari town 19 kms south of Kathmandu is famous for religious aspects. The town is the home to many Hindus and Buddhists religious sites and attracts a lot of pilgrims and tourists. Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava who spread Buddhism in Tibet, also known as the lotus born god) attained the level of Mahamudra vidyadhara here. Seshnarayan temple, Bajrayogini temple, Gorakhnath temple , Guru Padmasambhava meditation cave, known as the Asur cave and self arising Ganesh near Asur cave are the major attractions of Panauti. Pharping is also famous for Nepal’s first and Asia’s second Hydro power plant established by Rana Prime minister Juddha Sumsher Rana. 

Towards the south of Pharping, the temple of Blood- lust goddess of the Hindus is located known as Dakhinkali (known to be the incarnation of goddess Parvati, the apouse of Lord Shiva). Thousands of devotees visit the temples, offering sacrifices of animals like chicken, goats, pigs, pigeons and buffalos to satisfy the blood thirst of the goddess. The Dashian festivals of the Hindus witness thousands of animals to sacrifice as the festival is celebrated to honor the victory of goddess Kali over the demons.

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  • 09.00hrs: Pickup from the hotel and drive to Pharping.

    The driver will be at the lobby waiting for you prior to the mentioned time. Meet the driver at the lobby and we’ll start our day tour. It takes approximately 45-50 minutes to reach Pharping.
  • 10.00hrs: Arrive Pharping and explore its religious significance.

    Once we arrive pharping, we’ll first visit the Asur cave, where Guru Rimpoche had achieved Mahamudra vidyadhara. We will get to see the Buddhist culture and tradition here. We’ll visit the temple of self-raising Ganesh, the son of Lord Shiva, followed by a visit to Seshnarayan temple, Bajrayogini temple and Gorakhnath temple.
  • 12:00 hrs: Visit the Dakshinkali temple.

    Downhill towards south of Pharping lies the Temple of Dakshinkali. This temple is believed to be the power house and a lot of devotees gather here to pray and worship the goddess. They offer sacrifice of the animals as the goddess Kali is blood thirsty. Every year around the month of October, on the most celebrated festival of Hindus, Dashain, a big festival of animal slaughtering takes place here to make the goddess happy.
  • 14.30hrs: Have lunch at a local restaurant.

    After visiting the Dakshinkali temple, we’ll have lunch at a local restaurant.
  • 15.30hrs: Drive back to Kathmandu.

    As we finish our lunch, we will drive back to our hotel in Kathmandu.
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Tour Highlights

  • Visit the newari town of Pharping and visit Hindu and Buddhist religious sites. 
  • Visit the Dakshinkali temple. 
  • Enjoy the panoramic Himalayas towards the north and cultural villages. 
  • A professional and friendly guide.
  • A private vehicle for roundtrip.
  • Best price guaranteed. 



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