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Date: Jan 2024

The Ganesh Himal Trek is challenging and rewarding in the Himalayas of Nepal. It offers stunning views of the Ganesh Himal range, including the peaks of Ganesh I, Ganesh II, and Ganesh III. The trek also takes you through a variety of landscapes, including forests, meadows, and glaciers.
Ganesh Himal, nestled northwest of Kathmandu, offers a glimpse into a Nepal rarely seen. The trek typically starts from the village of Satdobato and ascends to Shing La Pass(4200m). Along the way, you will pass through several small villages and settlements. The trek also offers opportunities to see a variety of wildlife, including monkeys, birds, and snow leopards.
Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Gurung and Tamang villages. The trek offers a unique blend of impressive scenery, excellent walking, and a fascinating cultural mix. With convenient road access from Kathmandu, the journey becomes more accessible.

Ganesh Himal Trek

Nestled in the Ganesh Himal, this trek reveals a panorama of peaks over 7,000m, with canyons, snow-draped mountains, and local paths weaving through villages. Traverse undiscovered terrain from west to east, reaching the pinnacle at Sing La pass for unparalleled vistas of the Nepalese Himalayas.

The difficulty level of the trek varies depending on the route taken. The most popular route is the Ganesh Himal Circuit, which is considered to be a moderate to difficult trek. Embark on an extraordinary odyssey that transcends the ordinary – the Ganesh Himal Trek, a hidden gem in the heart of Nepal. In this 15-day adventure, experience untouched beauty, cultural richness, and breathtaking panoramas as you step away from the beaten path.

This trek beckons those seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience. Wake up to awe-inspiring views, traverse traditional villages framed by lush terraces, and explore indigenous forests adorned with ancient trees.

The Ganesh Himal Experience
Spanning 15 days, this trek invites you to a thrilling adventure in one of Nepal’s least explored areas. Named after Lord Ganesha, the Ganesh Himal region captivates with untouched beauty, friendly inhabitants, and awe-inspiring peaks.


Day 1: Arrival at Kathmandu and transport to one of the best hotels in Kathmandu
Day 2: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
Day 3: Drive from Kathmandu to Satdobato (1500 m)
Day 4 : Hike Satdobato to Bhalche (1950 m)
Day 5 : Trek Bhalche to Gonga (2900 m)
Day 6: Hike from Gonga to Rupchet (3660 m)
Day 7: Hike towards Rupchet to Shing La Pass (The highest point of the trek, 4200 m) to Sertunga Kharka (2440 m)
Day 8: Sertunga Kharka to Shertung Village (2000 m)
Day 9: Shertung Village to Jharlang Phedi (1450 m)
Day 10: Jharlang to Kintang Phedi (1000 m)
Day 11: Kintang Phedi to Serabensi Jyamrung (700 m)
Day 12: Jyamrung (Sharabensi) and explore locally
Day 13: Jyamrung (Sharabensi) walk to Sukaura and drive to Kathmandu
Day 14: Close insight of Kathmandu Valley
Day 15: Departure Day

Trek Highlights:

Explore diverse cultures
Revel in Himalayan beauty
Witness the captivating north-eastern Nepal
Marvel at village panoramas
Immerse in cultural and natural heritages
Gaze upon Ganesh Himal and Langtang ranges
Embrace the lifestyle of Nepali villagers
Conquer the 4100m pass
Experience sunrise at Sing-La Pass
Discover Nepal’s rich flora and fauna

Ideal Seasons for Ganesh Himal Trek with Trekking Venue Nepal

Let’s explore the ideal seasons for your Ganesh Himal trekking journey.

Spring Splendor (March-May): March and April usher in the spring season, transforming the highlands and hills into a vibrant display of blossoming rhododendrons. The Himalayan landscape comes alive with radiant colors, and the milder temperatures create perfect hiking and ascension conditions. Experience the famed big Rhododendrons in full bloom, adding an extra layer of beauty to your trek.

Summer/Monsoon Majesty (June – August): While summer in Nepal brings the challenge of monsoon rains from late May to mid-September, it unveils a different kind of majesty in the Himalayas. Though not recommended for trekking due to high heat, heavy rain, and uncomfortable conditions, the summer season still offers jaw-dropping views of the Himalayas. It’s a time to appreciate the sheer grandeur of the mountains while avoiding trekking endeavors.

Autumn Bliss (September – November): As the monsoon bids farewell, autumn sets in, providing a perfect window for the Ganesh Himal Trek. The Himalayan region enjoys clear skies, dust-free vistas, and stunning mountain views. This season is not only a treat for nature lovers but also a cultural spectacle as Nepal celebrates its main festivals, Dashain and Tihar, adding a unique touch to your Himalayan adventure.

Winter Wonder (December – February): For those seeking a different kind of adventure, winter unveils its charm for the Ganesh Himal Trek. The clear skies and magnificent sunset views offer a different perspective. While trekking can be challenging due to snow-blocking trails, winter transforms the landscape into a serene winter wonderland. Daytime temperatures remain stable, showcasing the pure blue sky and majestic mountains, making it an enticing option for the adventurous at heart.

The Ganesh Himal Trek is an odyssey beyond the ordinary, inviting intrepid souls to uncover the untouched beauty of Nepal. Every step resonates with the heartbeat of the Himalayas, from cultural immersion to conquering mountain passes. Witness the raw beauty of Ganesh Himal and create memories that linger far beyond the journey’s end.

Trekking Venue Nepal is your trek partner to this hidden gem, offering experienced local guides, necessary equipment, and logistical support for a safe and comfortable journey. Customize your itinerary to cater to your specific needs and interests.

Ready to embark on this thrilling experience? Book your Ganesh Himal Trek today with Trekking Venue Nepal and write a new chapter in your adventure tale!

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