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Bheri River rafting is known for its adventurous, new, and less crowded rafting destination located in the western part of Nepal. The Bheri River also known as the Lower Karnali is situated in the remote Far Western Nepal, initiating from the Dolpo Region and stretching through the Valley of Surkhet. It merges with the Karnali River which then extends through the plain valley of Terai to Royal Bardiya National Park.

Famous for its deep ripples, mellow rapids, and fast flow, it makes up a wonderful river to raft around. It is a beautiful river that offers a breathtaking landscape, beautiful blue waters, and gorgeous villages. Rafting in Bheri is also known for excellent fishing, unspoiled villages, ever-smiling neighborhood people, blue water, white seashores, and pleasing campsites are some of the appeals of this trip.

The view of hills, mountains and diverse flora and fauna add upon the beauty of the rippling waters of Bheri River. The rafting journey will start from Sami Ghats to Kamalgaun to Jamu finally ending the adventurous expedition. Upon finishing the rafting journey, we embark to explore Royal Bardiya National Part to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience safari ride. We will then enjoy the beauty of the park exploring and trekking through the wilderness.


The total journey will take from 5-7 days depending on what you want and it will prove itself a major river journey that has got to fail into the category of being not only good but one of the best in the world. The journey takes us 142 km through some of Nepal’s remote areas giving you a unique wilderness experience.

 Our company is an approved travel company in Nepal which regulates the Bheri Rafting and other entertaining traveling packages excelling in what it does. We have the most qualified staff, drivers, tour guides who will not fail to make your trip furthermore exciting and enthralling. We have in-depth knowledge and expertise about the place we are working in. Our dedicated staff will do their best to service you and make your time here enjoyable.

Get ready to explore the beautiful ripples of Bheri and get the adrenaline pumping through your veins. 


Upon your arrival to the beautiful city of temples, Kathmandu via Tribhuvan International Airport, you will be picked and transferred to one of the standard hotels of Kathmandu. There you can freshen up and rest a bit.
You will have a great time seeing the most beautiful historical and cultures around the valley. Brace yourself to be amazed by a wide variety of cultures and traditions.
We will board an early flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. Upon arriving at Nepalgunj, we will take a 3-4 hour drive to Samjhi Ghat after a short rest. After we reach Samjhi Ghat, we will rest in a top tier resort there.
This is where the rafting journey begins starting from Samjhi Ghat. Probably after 20 minutes of rafting around, we will come across our first rapid, one of many to come. The Bheri River is remote so it is relatively unexplored. The first rafting section is quite adventurous filled with exciting rapids. You will get to explore more after we are done with lunch at the bank of Bheri, enjoy your time lazing around on the sandy beaches. As we raft we will encounter more of such beauties until we reach Kumalgaun where we stay the night.
We will again set to start the reach Jamu by rafting from Kamalgaun. Jamu- the most exciting part of the whole journey, filled with narrow gorges and vertical cliffs, it is interspersed with open valley where small villages reside. This area is filled with pearly beaches where we will camp for the night.
One of the most beautiful and diverse parks in Nepal, we raft our way through the river and after an hour of floating, we arrive at the confluence of Bheri River and Karnali River. Again meeting at the gorge section, we enter the huge plain of the southern Terai region entering the beautiful Nation Park where we will enjoy the greenery and the wide variety of flora and fauna.
We will travel back to Nepalgunj where it all started and explore the local areas there before we board our flight back to Kathmandu and rest there.
It is time to say bye to Nepal but before that, you will enjoy your time in downtown Kathmandu, shop for souvenirs, look around and chill around the Durbar Marg area. You will enjoy your time going through cafe shops and shopping around Kathmandu until you finally depart Kathmandu. It is best suited if you arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight where our agents will give you a warm farewell.



What is Included?

  • Domestic airfare from and to Kathmandu and Pokhara.
  • Ground transportation from Pokhara to Mardi.
  • Tasty Meals, (breakfast, lunch, dinner) throughout your rafting trip.
  • All the necessary River Permit.
  • All Mandatory materials as high-quality, self-bailing rafts, headgears,
  • lifejackets, plastic paddles, swimsuits) on particular rivers, waterproof
  • Packs for gear, camera barrels, and all safety and pharmaceutical
  • Equipment.
  • All the necessary staff (Guide, Helpers, etc.)
  • Safety rafting with all essentials.
  • Meals, accommodation, coverage for all staff, and their shipping.
  • Journey components combine professional guides with necessary drills
  • And leadership
  • First aid kit box in necessary situations.
  • Emergency evacuation assistance.

What is Excluded?

  • Unrelated transportation, accommodation, visas, travel documents, Departure taxes, etc.
  • Footwear and personal items like sunscreens, lip balm, etc.
  • Personal articles including swimwear, towel, and toiletries
  • Insurance of participants.
  • Tips for guides
  • Sightseeing costs.
  • All liquors, snacks, and additional charges such as laundry, hot showers,
  • Battery charging, Wi-Fi, etc.
Trip Info
Bheri River Rafting

  1. Breathtaking white mellow ripples of Bheri River.
  2. Witness the rapids of grade 3-4.
  3. Sight-seeing Kathmandu and its beautiful heritages
  4. Bluewater, white beaches, and attractive campsites
  5. Adrenaline pumping and astonishing natural therapy.
  6. Alluring nature and lovely diversities in flora and fauna.
  7. Exploring the wide variety of flora and fauna within the Bardiya National Park
  8. Ever-smiling hospitable  local people
  9. Understanding the local way of living
  10. Witness the hospitality and love from our agency and promote the local economy 

Equipment Checklist

Bheri River Rafting




Rafting gears are very necessary to have our rafting safer, securing, and exciting. It is always a big idea to bring necessary river gears of some sort on a mostly multi-day trip. We can't comprehend when the weather will change and your fantasies of sleeping on the beach will turn into a nightmare. Also, the nights in the sandy beach and between the deep ravines might be cold or sometimes-punishing so rafting gears are really necessary to handle all these problems that may arise your invigorating trip.




These gears are usually provided by our company so that you can enjoy your days and trip full of comfort without any safety issues. Make sure you’re wearing kinds of stuff like a life jacket, helmet, etc properly.


  • Helmet
  • High-quality Carbon Paddle
  • Dry duffle waterproof bags
  • Synthetic Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • Sunglasses
  • Wet Suit
  • Dry Suit
  • Self-bailing raft
  • Necessary Life Jackets




These person items are really necessary and should be noted to feel comfortable in Extreme River and beach day. Pack the necessary small items, not in bulk, or else you’ll be packed in a lot of items that will be way thriftier.

  • Sunscreen
  • Lotion
  • Rafting Slippers
  • Quick Drying T-shirt and shorts
  • Flashlight or headlights for nights in camp
  • Insect Repellant
  • Large Ziplock/Plastic bags for wet clothes
  • Regular consuming Medically prescribed drugs
  • Bulky Waterproof Jackets
  • Bike gloves to protect the hand while paddling




To cherish moments forever, to withdraw money, and for buying souvenir after rafting in put-out point, here are some technical gears that should be packed. So that you won’t run out of materials at the end.


§  Binoculars

§  Camera

§  Credit cards/ATM cards

§  Books/GPS navigators

§  Travel diary or any Journals to cherish experiences.


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