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Feeling inspired to hit the road and see all the world has to offer?A timeless classic kayaking awaits! Read on!

Cutting through the Himalaya with deep gorges, lush valleys and superb riverside beaches, Arun river is the most potent and respected grade V river of Nepal that enters along the South Himalayan (3,500m) flowing downstream following a very steep and rapid current that later concurrence with Sunkoshi River and snakes its way onto the Indian plains in Bihar. Sprawling landscapes that are abundant in wildlife and unhindered by man-made intrusions.

Originating in Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China where it is called the Phung Chu or Bum-chu, the Arun is an excellent choice for a long trip for those seeking the thrill and real adventure  of encountering huge rapids in an idyllic setting. The river leaves the Tibet region at a height of about 3,500 meters (11,500 ft) and crosses the main Himalayan ranges. It is likewise the first choice for those wanting an expedition into the wilderness. The powerful current and large water volume ensure huge and impressive rapids are encountered throughout the length of this river journey. The rapids can be challenging and technically complex. The scenery on both the trekking and river journey is pure and supreme.

The adventurous rafting trail which is suitable for intermediate and advance level rafting and Kayaking takes us along a remote landmark to encounter towards the toughest and fastest water current flowing downstream.Rafting through the cold mountain water tackling numerous turbulent rapids various cutting edge twist and turns creating around 90 km distance coverage towards the Chatara in Terai region,you would be able to view splendid scenery  encompassing still unrivaled and unspoiled high himalayas, thick and dense lush forest including wide species of birds and animals.

Get ready to feel alive when you relish coolness of whitewater on your skin as it holds you and washes away your worries to invigorate you.


o, strap in, and let’s go!

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  • Day 01:Arrival at Himalaya Journey Trekking office in kathmandu

    When you arrive at the Himalaya Journey Trekking office , you will get an Arun River rafting briefing with official arrangements. Don't miss the chance to reconnoiter Kathmandu and have a lovely overnight stay there.
  • Day 02: Flight from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar in eastern Nepal

    After a 35 minutes’s flight from Kathmandu, Tumlingtar in eastern Nepal is reached. Camp is set up at Tumlingtar itself because the Tumlingtar flight is usually in the afternoon . In the afternoon you should visit the little village with its tiny tea shops and airstrip. A briefing for the next day’s adventure follows.
  • Day 03: Trek fromTumlingtar to Savaiya Khola

    Savaiya Khola Breakfast will be served and you will Trek for about two hours at a gradual pace until Sabiya Khola. Briefing for the next day's schedule will occur. Get the equipment ready to start early for the following day.Enjoy a peaceful and serene view.
  • Day 04: Hit the water from Savaiya Khola to Megan Besi

    We paddle to Savaiya Khola. Most of the day, the river is quite smooth except for encounters with little rapids of Class III/IV where we stop for the night in preparation of a more strenuous day tomorrow.
  • Day 05:Encounter rapids between Megan Besi and Ranighat

    The first is a left-bend rapid, before the suspension bridge at Ranighat. A number of rapids follow and at the end of the day, it is time to halt and set up camp. It is the “Green Day” as we will be rafting among the greener side of Nepal. We will raft to Tribeni (union of three rivers) from Ranighat.
  • Day 06: Float down the saptakoshi through Ranighat to Chatara

    Going gets easier when The Arun River now merges with River Sunkosih to form into a confluence of river Saptakoshi and you get a chance to recover from yesterday’s white water.After rafting for around an hour and half, we will reach our take out point, i.e. the 6 days of awesome expedition comes to an end at Chatara, from Tribeni .
  • Day 07: River trip ends and drive back begins

    The splendid river trip in eastern Nepal ends here.You can either drive back to Kathmandu from Chatara or fly back to Kathmandu from Biratnagar, which is an hour and a half drive from Chatara.
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  • Rafting name: Arun River Rafting
  • River Grade: Class III – V+
  • Rafting difficulty: Grade 4-5
  • Starting point: Tumlingtar
  • Ending Point: Chatara
  • River Distance: 110 km
  • Trip length: 5-6 days
  • Best Season : Sep-Dec, Mar-May
  • Price : *******
  • Rafting package: Private/Group tour



  • The breathtaking koshi hills on the way, the gumbas and stupas can be visualized
  • Deepest valley of the world, Arun Valley Which is famous for cardamom farming 
  • Travels through tiny farming villages  and pristine land of the tranquil Arun valley 
  • The smiling chilled Sagarmatha  (Mt.Everest) , Makalu, Lumbasumba & Kumbhakarna 
  • Noteworthy Kalinchwok Bhagwati temple&Dolakha Bhimsen temple
  • Cocktail of nature from Tumlingtar  
  • Firsthand experiences of any festivals you’ve attended in your travels.
  • Hindu temple in Barah Kshettra , dedicated to lord Vishnu
  • Hospitality provided by the native  indigenous ethnic groups of Rai, Yakkha, Limbu,etc
  • Offers a great range of  lakes and ponds like Sabha Pokhari, Panch Pokhari, Gosa Pokhari,etc



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Here are some necessary trekking apparatus that can be required for accomplishing your trek effortlessly. They are shortlisted below.


Accessories and Technical items

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