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The lowland hike connected with some of the most exquisite gorge found in Nepal makes Karnali rafting one of the most alluring things and a reason for Nepal visit. It is usually a beloved river trip of guides and expert rafters. There is a diversified variety of fauna and flora including lush forests, jungle, and also antique villages. After monsoon rains, the rapids of the Karnali River are complicated and huge, though comparatively continuous. As the river rushes through some quite narrow ravines, the flow of the water rises, as does the frequency of the rapids. In low water, the challenges on the rafter are more technical, though justly exhilarating.


Karnali rafting is an excellent trip for those wanting a more different experience of Nepal, charming scenery, majestic river action, and all the advantages of a long river trip in Nepal. It has the added advantage of the take out point is ideally located for those wanting to visit Bardia National Park. Karnali River is one of the most vigorous rivers in Nepal for fishing! Escapades in Nepal don’t get much greater than the Karnali River Rafting. Nepal’s longest and largest river, the Karnali, starts its life near Tibet’s divine Mount Kailash. It creates its way through the Tibetan plateau and the Himalaya into Nepal’s rich western forests. After the snowmelt, this river becomes an enraged flow with huge rapids that offer brilliant rafting and kayaking. A highlight is the 7km long gorge which is one long raging rapid that sucks you in one end and spits you out the other (in one piece!). This is one of Nepal’s must-do rivers.


Not only is the river a jewel for its white water, but its route travels through a comparatively underpopulated area. A true antique expedition. Filled with pristine jungle allowing the paddler good chances of viewing the abundant wildlife like deer, leopards, tiger, jackals, mongoose, monkeys, and small brown bears. Although the river is remote, the bus ride and short trek to the start point are pleasant and remarkably picturesque making it a worthwhile all round trip. If you are looking for a venture then it’s got to be Karnali River Rafting!

Karnali River is an excellent option for those desiring an intense and extreme rafting trip and is better adapted to those who have had preceding rafting adventure. Alluring natural diversity is a plus point to the uniqueness of this tour. Karnali River is an admirable composition for the astonishing scenery and an adventure that this tour offers. Karnali River rafting/kayaking is recognized as one of the best white water adventures in the world.


If you’re craving for the elongated tour packed with invigorating adventure, this rafting voyage is much suited for paddling enthusiasts like you!

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  • Day 1: Arrival in the heart of Nepal, Kathmandu (1300m).

    After arriving in the lovely capital of Nepal via Tribhuwan International Airport, our agents will be there to receive you and transfer you to one of the standard hotels of Kathmandu. Freshen yourself up from the tiring flight.
  • Day 2: Kathmandu sightseeing and exploring.

    You’ll have a very wonderful time by exploring some of the greatest cultural and historical heritages of Kathmandu. Have a very gracious time and prepare for your rafting by buying some of the crucial personal materials.
  • Day 3: Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj (800m) and drive to Dhungeshwor.

    We'll board a domestic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. After our flight, we'll hop in our private van and drive to Dhungeshwor, the put-in point of our rafting. After the drive of 5-6 hours, we'll reach Dhungeshwor. We'll stay in the local tea house and mentally prepare ourselves for rafting. Our expert internationally trained rafting guides will be there to instruct you about safety measures. Overnight in Dhungeshwor.
  • Day 4: Rafting starts from Dhungeshowr to Rapid called Jail House.

    Our exhilarating rafting expedition will start from our put-in point, Dhungeshwor. We'll raft through the alluring wave of Karnali to the big rapid of Class-IV known as Jail House. After crossing jailhouse, we'll rest on the sandy beach anchoring our tent under the sky full of billion stars. Overnight in the tented camps.
  • Day 5: Paddling from Jail House rapid to Seti Beni.

    After an energy-boosting breakfast, we'll head towards in search of other gigantic rapids to calm our adrenaline. The adventure of rafting in Karnali will actually begin on the 5th day with much more exciting factors. We will catch some rapids of God House, Juicer, Flip, and Strip. After paddling further down the river we will enter the junction of Seti Beni, which will be our campsite for the day.
  • Day 6: Acclimatization day at Seti Beni.

    You'll stay in Seti Beni and rest thereafter the days of rafting which will cause us to relax a bit. Enjoy the sandy beach and have quality time there. You can play football there as well. Give your body some rest and let it acclimatize from the paddling days. Overnight in Seti Beni under a billion stars.
  • Day 7: Rafting from Seti Beni from Jamuna Village.

    We will paddle nearly the whole day today. You will get to witness some enchanting views and hit a few small rapids which will be like resting after two days of a magnificent experience. After rafting down further we will reach Jamuna village. Overnight at the campsite in Jamuna Village.
  • Day 8: Paddling from Jamuna Village to a beautiful uncluttered shore.

    After a fantastic morning breakfast, our rafting trip will continue from Jamuna village. Enjoy the lovely vicinity and exciting rapids. And we will camp and relax at an uncluttered and lovely raw beach today.
  • Day 9: Paddling towards Bheri Confluence.

    We will proceed to kayak this day while relishing the enchanting views and ease throughout the journey as the cycle of the rapids begins to fade and your adrenaline rush will also perish. We will set our camp at some immediate distance above the Bheri Confluence. Overnight under the starry night in Bheri Confluence.
  • Day 10: Rafting from Bheri Confluence to Chisapani, put-out point.

    On the ultimate day of our rafting trip, we will arrive at Chisapani after facing a series of rafting. You’ll spend your day buying some of the souvenirs which will make you remember about Nepal forever. Cherish the memories. Overnight in Local Teahouse.
  • Day 11: Flight back to Kathmandu (1300m) from Nepalgunj (800m).

    You'll fly back to Kathmandu from Nepalgunj. Enjoy the scenic aerial flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. Then you'll be transferred to one of the standard hotels in Kathmandu. Refresh yourself. Overnight in Kathmandu.
  • Day 12: Departure to an International Airport.

    Time to announce valediction to Nepal. Appreciate your ultimate moments in Kathmandu including breakfast in a café, a town stroll, or memorial shopping token of Kathmandu. An agent of our company will join you at your lodge and transport you to the airport for your return from aviation to home. It's suited to be at the airport at least two hours before departure.
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  • Rafting Name: Karnali River Rafting
  • Rafting Duration: 6 Days 
  • Accommodation: Tented Camp, Hotel in Kathmandu.
  • Itinerary package: 13D/12N
  • Rafting Difficulty: Grade 3-5
  • Rafting Season: September to December and March to May.
  • Rafting Distance: 180km
  • Group Size: 1-6 pack
  • Rafting Package: Private/Group Tour
  • Mode of Journey: Bus/Jeep/Flight
  • Start/End of Trip:  Dhungeshwor/Chisapani
  • Rafting Cost: *****



  • Astonishing Karnali River and valiant escapade of rafting.
  • Feel your adrenaline rushing on grade III and V rapids.
  • Tents on the beach beneath the glimpse of diversified flora and fauna.
  • Sheer, challenging, and continuous but adventurous rapids.
  • Easy and no trouble connecting to raw and uncluttered villages with exquisite nature.
  • Fulfill your adrenaline with a dose of adventurous desire with a breath taking rafting.
  • Lovely, charming, and hospitable individuals.
  • And also witness the local way of living.
  • Witness the great hospitality of our agency and also promote the local economy.



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Here are some necessary trekking apparatus that can be required for accomplishing your trek effortlessly. They are shortlisted below.


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