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The Sun Koshi Tamur river rafting is apparently on the top ten river journeys in the world! With the water having volume (in cumecs) 750, it is the sixth-largest river of Nepal. The Sun Koshi (meaning; a river of gold) provides you an experience similar to its name.  As dangerous as it sounds, it is not; instead, it is so much more adventurous and exciting. The trip will include a full-length rafting adventure and sight-seeing of many beautiful places along the way as well as camping and campfire.

 The ever-changing scenery and natural beauty of Neal helps to ensure that every day on the river is exciting and different. The very starting of the trip sees high mountains, open valley, forests, and small remote villages with different communities. The final days conclude you towards open plains and the thriving village of Chatara. After a 45-minute drive from Chatara, you arrive in Dhahran, which use to be the British Gurkha Army recruiting center in Nepal for decades. This package is best for the ones who have visited Nepal for adventurous activities and nature sight-seeing. Within a short span of 11 days, you come in close contact with Nepal’s natural beauty, people, culture, wildlife, and its rivers. It’s simply magic, an experience you shall be glad you took. This is also perfect for an adrenaline junkie as it has a grade 5 rafting experience.

 In this trip, you have different species of orchids to look for, specifically around 250. River chats, flycatchers, wall creepers, Bulbuls, fork tales, are a few of the hundreds of species of birds available around the basin, each of whose beauty is mesmerizing. Some of the most popular rapids of this river are Meat Grinder,  Harkapur, Big Dipper, Jaws, Dead man’s eddy, Jungle Corridor, Rhino rock, Roller Coaster, which is truly challenging for everyone.  Sun Koshi River Rafting trip allows you to enjoy its rare unique experiences and you may have great photographic opportunities. Along the trip, you will also encounter awesome local culture and some of the rare tradition of colorful ethical livelihood reflections. So do not miss this Sun Koshi rafting trip once if you are visiting Nepal. It may make your exotic holiday completely different. The Rafting Star team guaranteed you to enjoy and filled in your mind an unforgettable moment of a lifetime.  We always wish you were there someday again and paddling together.

Unleash one of the top ten river adventures to your adventurous self! 

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  • Day 1: Arrival at Kathmandu(1300m)

    You will be arriving in the heart of the country, Kathmandu via Tribhuvan International Airport where you will be welcomed by the agency staff.
  • Day 2: Exploring Kathmandu and sight-seeing

    In Kathmandu, there are tons of sites to explore, many of which are World Heritage Sites and are of great value to its residents and to the world. The aura in the atmosphere of Kathmandu reflects its significance as well as the history and evolution of the Kathmandu valley.
  • Day 3: Arrival at Dolaghat, fixing gears and 4-hour rafting.

    Morning start drives to Dolalghat, the rafting starting point of Sunkoshi. Arrive on the river, fix the gears, and get ready for rafting. Till now our crews will prepare lunch. After lunch, your expedition leader will be delivering a safety talk and providing for the trip. After 4 hours kayaking chooses the campsite on the river beach, evening dinner, and overnight.
  • Day 4: The trip continued up to the TamaKoshi River.

    Your trip will continue further - you will encounter a big class IV+ rapid “Meat Grinder”. Right after a few meters below you’ll meet another river called TamaKoshi. The camps will be set on the left with the beach on the confluence (Rafting-5-6 hours).
  • Day 5: Continuing the rafting and camping overnight.

    As we pass few kilometers down with the confluence of the Likhu Khola, you’ll encounter a class III+ rapid Anxiety soon followed by a long class IV rapid ‘High Anxiety’ with a large hole on the left halfway down and a series of holes at the bottom that prepares you for the further extreme ones to come. Continue floating and overnight camp. (Rafting-6-7 hours).
  • Day 6: Encountering Harkapur and the confluence of Dudh Koshi from Mt. Everest Region (8848 m).

    Starting with class II to III rapids you will be encountered one of the hardest rapid named ‘Harkapur” class V. After a few kilometers rafting, camp at Raighat after the confluence of Dudh Koshi from Mt. Everest region. (Rafting-6-7 hours).
  • Day 7: Continue paddling and camp on the riverside.

    The river starts to widen from today. After some II to III class rapids, you will experience the encounter with another nice rapid called “Jaws” class IV+. Continue paddling and camp on the riverside. (Kayaking-6-7 hours).
  • Day 8: Reaching the Jungle corridor and overnight camp on the waterfall.

    You will encounter few IV+ rapids this day followed by the Jungle corridor; the long continuous whitewater and both side waterfalls make for a wonderful experience. Overnight camp near the waterfall (Rafting-6-7 hours).
  • Day 9: Second last day of the Sunkoshi and reaching Ranitar.

    This is the second last day of the classic Sunkoshi. You will encounter a few III+ rapids, an overnight camp nearby Ranitar. (Kayaking-6-7 hours).
  • Day 10: Big Arun and Tamur join together to form the Sapta Koshi bringing us to Chatara.

    The last stretch of the river which brings you to the last class IV+ ‘Big Dipper’ is a series of huge standing waves. A few kilometers later Big Arun and Tamur join together to form the Sapta Koshi. Then you witness the hills dramatically give way to totally flat Terai and the northern plains of India. This part would be the near end of a classic and memorable river journey. The trip will conclude at Sunkoshi at Chatara.
  • Day 11: Drive to Mulghat, overnight stay.

  • Day 12: Rafting from Mulghat to Triveni.

    Rafting from Mulghat to Triveni water stretch, the confluence of Arun, Tamur and Sunkoshi rivers, this day is a total adrenaline day in which you have several rapids III - IV+ and more
  • Day 13: Arrival to Kathmandu (1300m).

    Finally, your trip will end at Chatara and drive to Kathmandu to arrive at Kathmandu Next day morning, (if you are too tired take a flight) or take an option flight from Birtanagar and take an evening flight to Kathmandu. End trip to Chatara.
  • Day 14: Departure from Kathmandu

    Finally, after all these days, carrying a bag full of memories made with us and other friends that you make throughout the trip, you would be leaving the capital; back to your homeland. We would love to provide services to you again in the future. We wish you a safe trip and would highly miss your presence.
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  • Rafting Name: Sun Koshi Tamur River rafting
  • Rafting Days: 11 days
  • Itinerary Package: 11D/10N
  • Rafting Difficulty: 5-
  • Rafting season: Spring and autumn
  • Rafting distance: 270 km
  • Rafting package: Group/Private tour
  • Mode of the journey: Land transport
  • Group size: 6-10 people
  • Start/End of trip: Dolalghat/Mulghat to Chatara
  • Rafting cost: Adjustable according to packages chosen or privileges taken



  • Exceptionally popular and adventurous.
  • Beautiful sceneries, species of various plants alongside the Mt. Everest.
  • Top rated and falls in the top 10 river journeys in the world.
  • High standards and grading.
  • Big rapids, warm water, and great camping.
  • Experience of a lengthy trip full of excitement where lifelong friendships can often begin.
  • Also, witness the local beauty and way of living in Nepal.
  • Full safety maintained activities.
  • An escape from the world to explore the natural beauty of Nepal.
  • Fully facilitated trip with experienced and hostile guides and crew members.



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