Are you planning a tour in Nepal? Do you want to try out the thrilling adventures and experience the warmth and vibrancy of the rich culture along with the incredible nature, amazing mountains and beautiful diverse people? Great! A surprisingly marvelous country, Nepal is filled with beautiful destinations and offers the lifetime experience for travelers. The marvelous scenic  beauty of Himalayas, ancient cities, spiritual sites, gigantic mountains, travel nirvana, friendliest people, bustling cities and thrilling adventures is what makes Nepal up for a perfect holiday destination. From the beautiful destinations, ancient cities, palpable spirituality and some of the world’s kindest people, there is so much about Nepal that you can’t get enough. Below are some of Nepal’s top tour destinations that you shouldn’t miss while you tour in Nepal.

The most populated and capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu is one of the fascinating town to explore. Also known as “City of Temples”, this unique destination has lot to offer from historic places, cultural insights to the royal palaces, national parks and world’s popular heritage sites that surprises and excites the traveler at every turn. Among the ten UNESCO’s world heritage sites in Nepal, Kathmandu is home to seven of them which totally makes this city unique and different from any other destination. This chaotic, enticing and vibrant city has a lot of attractions and landmarks that are worth seeing.

Kathmandu durbar square
The old part of Kathmandu city, Kathmandu durbar square is one of the historical site listed in UNESCO world heritage sites since 1979. This place is surrounded by temples with a rich history, Newari culture and accompanied by narrow medieval streets, lovely shrines and old palaces which was once home to Malla and Shah dynasty. Also called as an old royal palace, this durbar square is known for its art, architecture, culture, monuments and various idols that reflects the culture of our ancestors. A place of pagoda and shikhar styled temples, stones and wood sculpture, Kathmandu durbar square is a significance where many ceremonies and religious rituals are held such as coronation of king, Kumari Jatra and Indra Jatra.

Bhaktapur durbar square
Bhaktapur durbar square, the ancient Newari city is the center of traditional Nepali culture, custom and unique arts of wooden and potteries. One of UNESCO’s world heritage site, this durbar square is known for Nyatapola, statue of King Bhupatindra Malla, Peacock Windows, Golden Gate and fifty-five windowed palace which were developed during medieval age culture and tradition of Nepal. Renowned for its antique heritages from 15th century, this place is like a living museum, with temples on every corner, bustling street markets and masterwork of metal, wood, stone arts being produced wherever you turn. The great pagoda and shikhar styled temple dedicated to gods and goddesses is something you don’t want to miss on your visit to Bhaktapur durbar square. And yes! If you are eager to try some of Nepal’s traditional and unique cuisine, then you can find it all here.


Patan durbar square
Situated at the heart of Lalitpur city, Patan durbar square is a great attraction of huge collection of fine art and architecture carved and inscribed on woods and metals by the ancestors. This oldest Buddhist city is marked by the ancient Buddhist stupas which were built in 250 BC by King Asoka during his visit to the valley. Ancient places, pagodas temple, stone baths, hindu and Buddhist statues bas-relief, engravings, etc. is what makes Patan durbar square a unique destination. There are bronze statues and religious objects dated back from 11th century that are preserved in the museum of durbar square.  


Pokhara, one of Nepal’s largest city is a famous tourist destination situated along phewa lake and gateway to some of world’s best trekking destinations. Surrounded by the towering peaks rising amongst the clouds and beautiful landscapes, this place is a perfect antidote for people to chill out from the chaos of Kathmandu. The adrenaline activities, rich cultures, local foods, and excellent landscape along with the surreal Phewa lake and begnas Lake is what makes Pokhara a living paradise. Pokhara not only offers the scenic adventures but also some of the picturesque locations to relax in. Apart from the beautiful lakes, mountains and buzzling lakesides, this tourist destination is also famous for boating, paragliding, trekking, and extreme adventure sports like rafting, canyoning and bungee jumping.

Chitwan, known as the Greenland of Nepal is a famous tourist destination which is famous for Tharu culture, relaxation and jungle safari in chitwan national park. This quaint area provides large opportunity for visitors to sightsee animals including elephants, rhinos etc. Jungle safari via jeep is the fastest and best option to see the wildlife of chitwan national park which takes visitor to close exploration of floras and faunas. Elephant breeding center, gharial breeding center are amongst the attraction inside chitwan national park that people love to explore. Apart from safari, people also prefer to relax at sauraha, which is the famous tourist center of Chitwan.

Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha is one of the most sacred place for Buddhism. This fascinating religious place is a home to thousands of pilgrims every year who visit here to worship, meditate and learn. Listed in UNESCO world heritage site, this spiritual place consists of spectacular Buddhist temples and monasteries such as Myanmar Golden Temple, Chinese Monastery, Great Lotus Stupa, German temple, Mahabodi Society Temple and others which are built by a multitude of nation. The devotion of pilgrims you see around not only excites you but makes you feel the power spiritually. This peaceful area is blessed with various sites, instrument and shrines of various stages of Buddha’s life.

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